NEW YORK, Aug. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Eight local Indonesian handicraft brands, under the name of IDentities, took centre-stage at NY Now 2019, with the mission of enticing hundreds of potential consumers from around the world, the Indonesian Pavilion has proven its first four days a great success. The event was held from August 10 to 13, at the Javits Center, New York City, United States.
Visit the Indonesian Pavilion at NY Now, booth no.1462, Javits Center, NYC, on August 10 – 13 2019.
Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (BEKRAF), the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency, which runs under the umbrella of the Indonesia Creative Incorporated (ICINC), curated the works of local designers to emphasize Indonesia’s heritage at the world-class exhibition. The selected brands include Djalin, Kayou, Sackai Bags, Indo Risakti, Du’Anyam, Studio Dapur, Rengganis, and Kana Goods.

“For four consecutive years, we have involved Indonesian communities in portraying our varied traditions and cultural heritage through globally appealing, high-quality handicraft goods. Not only are we increasing on-site sales, during the exhibition, we’re also engaging directly with global retail distributors to expand our market reach worldwide,” said Joshua Simandjuntak, Deputy Chairman for Marketing of BEKRAF.

The United States of America remains one of the largest importers of handicrafts, and according to the US Department of Commerce, has a strong desire for unique products with history. At last year’s event, the Indonesia Pavilion successfully earned revenue of US$ 800K in exports. This year, the pavilion aimed to achieve over US$ 1.5 million.
“Endowed with innumerable stories and traditions, we are optimistic about carving a niche in the global market to reinforce our position among the world’s biggest handicraft exporters,” added Joshua.

Presi Mandari, owner of Sackai Bags, aims to win over the US market by crafting one-of-a-kind bags featuring original illustrations and artwork. “Following the success of last year’s participation, we have distributed our products to markets in the United States, including Maryland, Florida, and Hawaii,” Presi said.

Reviving the Global Competitiveness of Artisans
Two participating brands, Djalin and Kayou, won the award for ‘Best New Product’, while three others were shortlisted for the Sustainable Awards NY Now 2019. The shortlisted winners include IndoRisakti, DuAnyam, and Studio Dapur, best known for the continuous efforts to empower local communities.

“Each of Kayou’s products are handcrafted perfectly by local craftsmen in Jepara, Central Java, which has been key to the tremendous response we receive from international buyers,” said Alexander Alvin, Co-Founder of Kayou. As specialists in Indonesian hand-crafted solid wood furniture, NY Now has connected them with repeat buyers from Dallas, the United States with high demand for unique artisanal furniture.

Meanwhile, IndoRisakti, shortlisted for the sustainability award, focuses on products made of recycled materials, such as baskets, boxes, wall art, mirrors and decorative items. “We translate the long tradition of Indonesian artisanal craftsmen into premium home decorative handicraft, presenting Indonesian eco-friendly products to the world in a bid to draw more global attention,” said Riris, Director of IndoRisakti.

Following BEKRAF’s continuous support for local Indonesian artists, Jennifer Isaacson, the international curator of Indonesia Pavilion added. “BEKRAF has put the most effective strategies to nurture and curate the best artists with phenomenal artisana products, that are rich in tradition and Indonesian craftsmanship; factors that, over the years, have become highly demanded by the US market.”

For Rengganis, it was their first time to participate. Nonetheless, the advantages they have gained during the four-day exhibition were spectacular. “BEKRAF has supported us with wide-ranging programs and directions for the past few months, bringing our exquisite embroideries and contemporary pieces into the spotlight,” said Rengganis, Founder of Rengganis.

“The journey doesn’t end here. However, it is just a starting point for us to spread our wings,” Rengganis added. She and the rest of the participants believe, even after the exhibition’s end, BEKRAF will consistently provide innovative programs, helping their readiness to do a real and sustainable business internationally, for an extended period.
SOURCE Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy (BEKRAF)

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